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A beautiful hand crafted box and medallion made from Ground Zero, Freedom Tower scrap steel. Designed by Kenneth Simmons and Jon Krawczyk, world famous scupltor, who created the iron cross that stands at ground zero.


It is like owning a true piece of history in a modern way. 


The box resembles a piece of rusted girder from scared Ground Zero steel, opening to beautiful 45 degree anfles, exposing an inter box, labeled Piece of Freedom.


Inside the box is a 1.25" x 2" approximately 1.5oz sacred, historical medallion. The center is 100% scrap steel from the Freedom Tower.


The outer casing resembles blue steel covering a piece of brass.

The darkness represents the ashes and destruction of 9-11-01 and the light around the edges is the light of humanity shine through.


The back of the medallion is stamped: God Bless Americas Heroes, with a sacred cross in the center.


This is a symbol of freedom, love, sacriifce and diversity.





A Piece of Freedom Medallion Box Set

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