Memorial Medallion 

Own a Piece of History
'Dog Tag' Medallions made from Freedom Tower
Scrap Steel Rising from Ground Zero

Patriot Reviews

Mario Marcano

Firefighter, New Jersey

Owning this medallion

is like owning a piece of America at a time when

humanity was united.

Jeff Wallner

Wallner Media Group, New York

I'm grateful to have this masterpiece of Art, the piece of freedom. 

This medallion symbolizes all the heroic work of the first responders. We will never forget.

Marco Caputo

Mast Restaurant Owner, Boston

I just recently came across this beautiful medallion of the Freedom Tower, which is made out of scrap steel from Ground Zero, turned into a historical memento. It's made in the USA and a reminder of all the souls we lost and the brave first responders who risked their lives that day. 

Job Schouten


"Though I'm a child of 94' born in a different country (the netherlands), I find my self wondering about the twin towers a lot. Although nothing could compare to you and all like you who were there, it is still something which I never want to lose sight of either. This is a piece of art. It's special. Thank you.